Feel free to grab this and place it in your podcast, and I thank you in advance for your support.

This promo is a step forward in my podcasting career.  In April of this year I will celebrate 5 years of podcasting, and over those last 5 years I haven’t exactly been a picture of consistency.  Even with the title!  After experimenting with The As-Yet Untitled Podcast, 2007 saw the title of the show change to Things Are Looking Up.  This was an attempt to counter the cynicism I found rampant in podcasting at the time.  Eventually I decided to name it what I should have named it all along, and now you have The Adventures of Indiana Jim.

This is an imperfect title, and before 2011 is out you may see yet another rebranding of the show, or I may split it into two or three new ones.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about branding, and in the next episode I may elucidate more of my thoughts on this.  For now, I will be attempting to get more focused in the content and consistency.  Instead of interviews, I plan on having guests join me for the regular show format, such as it is.  We’ll talk about news from a geek perspective, sort of a catch-all for hot-button topics.

There will be topics that are near and dear to my heart, such as Star Wars fandom or podcasting or fiction.  There will be topics that my guests are more passionate about, and I will probably learn something.  These might be the latest tech, comics, role-playing gaming, etc.  I will still have interviews now and again, as well.

You’ll get repeat appearance from some of your favorite personalities in podcasting, and friends of mine you may not know.  Loyal listeners of mine will still get the same crazy stuff they’ve come to expect, and you’ll still get shows that are just me.  Like the next one will likely be.  Although I already have an idea of exactly who I want to join me.  Jim Ryan will still be a regular fixture as often as he can make it, and remains my A-number-one co-host.

Enjoy the promo, and the rich, booming voice of Dr. John Cmar.  Until our next episode….