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Adventure #46: Branding in Podcasting and Writing

A big episode for you this time. It usually is after a big delay. Among the topics discussed:

The Last Guardians
– Leaving Farpoint Media

Promo: The Weird Show

In my main topic I’m talking about one of the newest buzzwords in online circles, and that’s “branding.” But I’m not talking about it like every other internet pundit out there. I mean, come on, do you come here for conventional opinions? I play a clip from Cliff Ravenscraft, host of The Podcast Answerman, answering a question regarding gaining exposure for a show covering multiple topics. You can see where it might apply to my show! I talk about how branding applies to what I’m doing, and what possible changes could come in the future.

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One Response to Adventure #46: Branding in Podcasting and Writing

  1. Jack H says:

    Currently listening –
    Welcome to becoming Indy… oh wait nevermind…
    ISBW is also leaving Farpoint Media…
    off to subscribe…

    Branding… very interesting topic…
    (I secretly miss “Things Are Looking Up”)

    Well don’t you have an interesting experiment going on… 49er cast is a targeted So you have direct experience with branding…
    No Wander Radio will not be changing its name…

    No you don’t ask us to promote but we do anyway…

    I think the thing to help you grow your audience…become more reliable to a schedule…weekly monthly… or whatever
    as long as stay consistant.

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