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Adventure #47 – Dawn of the Golden Age

Talking about the vast changes in the publishing landscape, which seemed to have happened very quickly.  Talking about Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and a new find for my regular reading, the blog of David Gaughran.  Specifically, I talk about a couple disturbing things I heard an author say, and a blog post David Gaughran wrote on the demise of Borders.  It’s a new Golden Age for writers.  Let’s not be left behind!

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2 Responses to Adventure #47 – Dawn of the Golden Age

  1. K. V. Hardy says:

    I’m a new fan of your podcast. Found it through Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing … I’m going to catch up on your previous ‘casts, your opinions in this episode are excellent. And I completely understand your lack of energy for that time to write and needing to choose between tasks – you will certainly manage to find your writing time!

    Keep up the podcasting and writing (who needs to eat, anyway) and I hope you will be updating your progress!

    From a fellow multi-tasker!

  2. Indiana Jim says:

    Thanks a lot! Hope you enjoy what you listen to. I’ll be doing more soon once things settle in our new house.

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